Dinosaur Bottle Open

We’re not going to lie, we can get pretty prehistoric about opening craft beers here at Coolector HQ when we don’t have a bottle opener to hand and will resort, neanderthal like to rocks and other rudimentary instruments, in order to try and liberate our delicious amber nectar. With this in mind, we can think of few better means of freeing our craft beers than this great Dinosaur Bottle Opener which goes to show that, despite their little arms, the T-Rex can be a good egg when it comes to opening your bottles.


The Dinosaur Bottle Opener, to be found on the Suck UK store, is exactly the sort of unnecessary but strangely essential purchase that we frequently make at The Coolector and for anyone with a love of the prehistoric period or an insatiable thirst for craft beers (like us) then you’ll be well served by putting this awesome little accessory on your stocking filler list this Christmas.

Beerosaurus Rex

We’ve accumulated more than our fair share of bottle openers at Coolector HQ given our love of beers but it’s safe to say we’ve yet to add a dinosaur themed one yet but that is about to change now that we’ve come across this magnificent T-Rex offering from Suck UK.



Crafted from cast iron, the Dinosaur Bottle Opener will form a good focal point for any kitchen and if you’re a regular imbiber of beers (there are other drinks available….but why you’d want to drink them, we’re not sure) you’ll join us in wanting to get your hands on one.


Do away with the boring corkscrew or bog-standard bottle opener and go for something with a touch more grandiosity with this funny and well made Dinosaur Bottle Opener from Suck UK. Prising off the bottle tops with its cast iron teeth, this cool accessory is right up our street at The Coolector and there will be plenty of other Jurassic lovers out there wanting to use its great design for prying open their booze this festive period.

Jurassic Beer

We’ve got a penchant for dinosaurs here at Coolector HQ and our love of craft beers is pretty plain to see so it’s clear that we’ll always need a steady of supply of bottle openers around these here parts. This first rate Dinosaur Bottle Opener from Suck UK definitely captured our attention and we envisage opening an ale our two with its monstrous teeth over the next few months.


For anyone looking for the perfect gift for a beer lover out there, this excellent Dinosaur Bottle Opener is going to tick plenty of the right boxes and it is a great stocker filler for any Jurassic Park fan as well. Two thumbs up from Coolector HQ.

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