DJI Spark Drone

With drone technology improving all the time, there are certain brands who are carving out a reputation for themselves at the top table of this industry and, it’s fair to say, DJI are one such brand and this reputation is solidified by awesome offerings like the small but perfectly formed DJI Spark Drone.

The latest offering from DJI might just be their most impressive, and user friendly, device to date and for any tech and video lovers looking for a highly versatile and functional solution for capturing a bird’s eye view of all your adventures, the DJI Spark Drone definitely ticks all of the right boxes.

Eye in the Sky

The DJI Spark Drone is a mini drone that delivers all of DJI’s trademark technologies and performance capabilities which allows you to seize the moment whenever the mood takes you and the quality of the performance and clarity of video really does help to set this wonderfully affordable drone apart from the competition. With an impressive top speed of 50KPH and 16 minutes of flight time per charge, the DJI Spark Drone has a mechanical gimbal and intelligent flight control options to deliver the sort of user friendly flying experience we’ve come to expect from this leading purveyor of drone technology.

Incredible image quality couple with a genuinely fun flying experience make the DJI Spark Drone a real stand out candidate for a first drone purchase if you’re looking for a device that doesn’t break the bank but manages to deliver an unparalleled visual performance. Boasting FaceAware technology that means the Spark will take off from your hand by recognising your facial features, it is clear to see there is a lot of fun to be had with this impressive put together drone.

Operated via innovative and intuitive user controls, the DJI Spark Drone lets you take aerial photos and videos using hand gestures without the need for a remote control or smartphone device and this is another reason why this impressive piece of kit is already positively flying off the shelves. With an app that allows for the automatic editing of videos and the application of filters, you’ll be crafting amazing footage in no time with this thoroughly impressive piece of drone technology.

Cinematic Footage

The Spark Drone from DJI lets you capture cinematic quality footage quickly and easily through its innovative series of features which include Rocket (rapidly ascending whilst filming directly below), Circle (circling around a subject) and Dronie (flying backwards and upwards with the camera fixed on your subject). All of these features produce compelling footage and the quality of the image really is second to none.

If you’re looking for an entry level drone pricing wise that delivers all the performance of its more expensive counterparts, the DJI Spark Drone more than fits the bill. A high performance, stabilised camera coupled with gesture control capabilities make this one of the best performing drones around and the fact it weighs in at under $500 makes it all the more impressive.

Price: $499

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