Kith x adidas Soccer Collection

As rather big soccer, or indeed football, fans here at Coolector HQ, it’s fair to say that we’ve always got our ear fairly close to the ground about any awesomeness pertaining to our favourite pastime (other than quaffing craft beer) and this brilliant looking Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection definitely fits into that bracket.

Kith are a brand that are relatively new to us but they’ve featured once or twice before on the pages of The Coolector but it is this brilliant looking Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection that has truly bought them to our attention because not only is this a series of footwear that takes its inspiration from the beautiful game, it delivers some of the most aesthetically superior sneakers and football boots we’ve seen in a while.

Best Foot Forward

For anyone with a love of football footwear, Adidas are amongst the best in the business and this collaboration with Kith takes things to a whole new level in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. The Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection offers footwear suitable for everywhere from the stadium to the street and all the terrains you’re likely to encounter – namely, grass, turf, and street. This cracking series of footwear from Adidas and Kith takes its design inspiration from the sportswear giant’s Copa Mundial and ACE franchises and this shines through in the visuals of each collaboration in the collection.

The materials used in each of these footwear collaborations is impressive to say the least and the cleats, for example, feature black snakeskin-embossed kangaroo leather upper atop a metallic rose gold foot plate whereas the turf sneakers  has a yellow kangaroo leather upper with snakeskin-embossed leather Three Stripes branding. For anyone that loves traditional style Adidas footwear – whether it be for sport or leisure – there will be plenty to choose from within this top notch Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection.

As you might expect, excitement is high around this limited edition offering from Adidas and Kith and won’t be around on shelves for long. Given just how immeasurably stylish each pair within the collection is, we’d love to get our hands on a pair of each and whether it’s something understated or a more vibrant offering that you’re after, there will be a pair that more than fits the bill.

Quality Collaboration

Adidas are well known for delivering excellent collaborations and this one with Kith is right up there with the best of them in our opinion and perfectly suited to any football fans out there after a pair of stand out boots or sneakers. Wonderfully well crafted and stylish, the  Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection is going to win plenty of admirers and is available from Friday.

We’re big fans of collaborations that really hit the high notes from a style and performance point of view and the Kith x Adidas Soccer Collection delivers in both these departments. A first rate example of the sort of awesomeness that springs forth when two leading brands join forces.

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