Don Draper’s Moments of Marketing Wisdom

Don Draper is, albeit a fictional one, a lifestyle sherpa to us here at Coolector HQ and his word is pretty much gospel round these here parts. When it comes to marketing, nobody does it better than Sterling Cooper’s finest and Mad Men remains one of our favourite series of the last decade. Such is Draper’s many words of wisdom, the good chaps at Glow have seen fit to document some of his finest words of wisdom in this excellent Mad Men infographic.

In his pomp, Don Draper has been responsible for some rather impeccable pearls of wisdom who anyone who has ever worked in marketing (us included) will have thoroughly agreed with. Check out some of Draper’s best marketing related one liners below:








If, like us, you’re a fan of Mad Men and love to revel in the profundity of Draper’s words then this infographic will definitely be right up your street because it was certainly up ours.

Via: Glow Media

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