Ressence Type 1 Watch

When Ressence first showcased their timepieces over a year ago, we here at Coolector HQ were left genuinely speechless by their innovative design and mind-boggling watch face which really did have to be seen to be believed so we’re delighted to report on the Ressence Type 1 Watch that they’ve recently revealed and, as you might expect, it looks entirely awesome.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Ressence 1 is its abnormal, yet stunning, watch face which boasts spherical discs that rotate beneath a domed sapphire crystal glass front to produce a dial that is in constant motion and which will astound from a visual perspective. Each component of the dial on a Ressence Type 1 watch is milled from Maillechort for the sleek looking timepiece you see before you and due to the face being coated in grade A Super-Luminova® , it will glow luminescent green in the dark.

TYPE_1_straps TYPE_1b_01 type1-003You don’t see many watches like those from Ressence come along and when they do, we here at The Coolector cannot help but revel in their patent awesomeness. The Ressence Type 1 watch boasts all manner of impressive features which including the fact it’s available in five different finishes such as black, white, champagne and ruthenium.

The extraordinary timepiece has no hands nor a crown to speak of so, as you can see, it is a highly unconventional watch but one for which we have fallen pretty hard here at Coolector HQ. You’ll see on the case back of your Ressence 1 timepiece the area that functions as the crown and allows you to wind your watch which is just another out of the ordinary feature that sets this watch apart.


Though this devilishly stylish and unusual timepiece is, alas, well and truly outside of our budget here at Coolector HQ, there’s no harm in looking and we can hold out hope that the good chaps at Ressence offer a more financially viable version at some point in the future.

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