Dorothy Business As Usual Calling Cards

We’re pretty big movie buffs here at Coolector HQ and love when design brands turn their creative talents to making unusual and quirky products pertaining to some of our favourite films. It is for this reason, then, that we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by Dorothy’s Business As Usual Calling Cards which is a limited edition offering of an array of movie characters and how they imagine their business cards would look.

The Dorothy Limited Edition Business As Usual Calling Cards collection is available for a mighty reasonable £50 and consists of some 31 business cards from the likes of Freddie Krueger, Pennywise the clown, Hannibal Lectar and Gale Weathers. If you’re a fan of quirky movie style paraphernalia, this fantastic collection of designs from Liverpool based studio, Dorothy, is going to be right up your street too.

Movie Business

Dorothy have featured on the pages of The Coolector a number of times now and we’re big fans of their stylised, usually pop culture oriented designs. This Business As Usual Calling Cards collection is certainly one of their best creations to date in our opinion and they’ve taken 31 of their best loved characters from (mainly) horror films (including The Shining’s, Jack Torrance) and designed each of them a unique and eye-catching business card to help them ply their evil trade.

The Dorothy Business As Usual Calling Cards are mighty creative to say the least and the talented team at Dorothy have clearly put a lot of thought and a real attention to detail into these brilliant looking movie business cards. Regardless of whether you’re looking to employ the skills of a nurse (Annie Wilkes, of Misery), a psychiatrist (Dr. Hannibal Lecter, of Silence of the Lambs), a solicitor (Arthur Kipps, The Woman in Black), a taxidermist (Norman Bates, Psycho), a chef (Pamela Voorhees, Friday the 13th), a cleaner (Frederick Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street), a furniture maker (Drayton Sawyer, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), a golf coach (choose from Peter or Paul) a children’s entertainer (Pennywise, IT) or if you are in deadly need of a priest (Father Damien Karras, Exorcist), these Business as Unusual calling cards fit the bill.

Each one of the 31 calling cards are beautifully presented in an aluminium film reel gift case to give that extra sense of movie magic and the first edition is limited to just 100 sets so move fast if you want these movie business cards in your workspace.
Some of the featured films include: 10 Cloverfield Lane, A Nightmare on Elm Street, American Psycho, Don’t Look Now, Friday the 13th, Funny Games, Halloween, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Hostel, It, Jaws, Misery, Omen III: The Final Conflict, Peeping Tom, Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, Saw IV, Scream and Shaun of the Dead.

Tangible Quality

As with all the wares from Dorothy, these movie inspired Business As Usual Calling Cards boast a real tangible sense of quality. They are litho printed, letter pressed with foil block and even Patrick Bateman would approve of the look and feel of these classy business cards.

Extremely limited in nature, with only a hundred sets being produced for the first run, the £50 price tag is a great one for those seeking out the perfect, unique gift for a horror movie aficionado. This cracking piece of design is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we’re pretty sure there won’t be any sets still around come Christmas time so move now if you want to secure yours.

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