If you’re serious about your headwear and your fashion and want to move away from the mundane world of mainstream labels, adding brands like DOUBLE | VISIÓN to your thinking is a great idea this summer. We love caps here at Coolector HQ and their wares are some of the coolest and eye-catching we’ve seen in some time. Quality materials, design and craftsmanship make these caps a real triple threat and you’ll want to add more than one of their offerings to your headwear rotation this year.

DOUBLE | VISIÓN came to be from the realisation that headwear has become a symbol of status as opposed to an expression of self. Matt Brown, the founder and creative director of DOUBLE | VISIÓN felt the need to go beyond selling hats that are overwhelmed and dominated by a logo, based upon his belief that buyers of a logo driven hat are actually just paying to advertise the brand. With DOUBLE | VISIÓN you are getting a cap that is one part work of art, one part functional headwear.

Unparalleled Attention to Detail

All fashion is about art and the hat is the most visible canvas of them all. DOUBLE | VISIÓN have shaken up the industry and torn up the rule book to deliver real luxury to their customers. They craft hats that aren’t an afterthought but one-off statement pieces where the design, execution and message supersede any need to attach a label.

DOUBLE | VISIÓN’S Caps are great value for money, with prices starting at £30 going up to £50, and they are designed to be a challenge to social constructs. They are daring their community to do something more than just exist in this life. It is for people who are strong-willed enough to embrace their fate. It is for those who are ready to accept that pain is the inevitable accompaniment of pleasure and the aesthetics of their headwear really is second to none.

If you’re wanting to really make your mark from a style perspective in 2021, the right headwear is the ideal place to start. From a visual impact perspective and quality of design, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the awesome wares that fill the digital shelves of DOUBLE | VISIÓN. For shepherds rather than sheep, these top-class caps are going to be responsible for turning heads aplenty this summer.

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