Doughboy Watches

We’re big advocates of a bit of vintage here at The Coolector and there are few accessories that we love more than wristwatches, so we were always going to be impressed by these exceptional Doughboy Watches, who operate out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which superbly combine these two loves of ours. There are so many timepieces that are visually breathtaking but which have gone to rack and ruin through spending a lifetime of neglect in a drawer or the darkest recesses of an attic but this excellent project takes these exemplary timepieces and turns them into a contemporary spin on their painfully stylish, classic design.

It’s not a new concept to upcycle old watches but few have done it better than Doughboy, which has unearthed some absolute gems to strap to your wrist and their array of timepieces vary quite markedly in price – typically ranging from around $800 through to in excess of $5,000. But, when you consider that there are classic brands like Zenith, Omega and Waltham amongst their offerings, it is much easier to understand the lofty price-tags associated with the Doughboy.

The Doughboy series of watches consists of both stopwatches and old, wristwatch faces and they are reconditioned with new straps to create a stunning finished product that will definitely appeal to any vintage timepiece aficionado – such as us chaps here at The Coolector.

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