Phone + Book

In perhaps the most literally named product we’ve seen at Coolector HQ in a while, we present you with this rather awesome looking design by Taiwanese based kbme2, which goes by the name of Phone + Book. A rather ingenious moniker, we’re sure you’ll no doubt agree, for what is, for all intents and purposes, a phone and a book.

The highly simplistic yet immensely visually appealing design of the Phone + Book is aimed to allow the user to connect their digital thought-stream much more coherently with their desires to scribble everything down by hand – thereby giving you the best of both worlds essentially. The design incorporates a cut-out space for your phone to facilitate easy surfing of the web on a smartphone with one hand and space within the book to jot down your findings, thoughts and ramblings with the other. It may seem like a simple premise (it is) but it is definitely one that we here at The Coolector could definitely make use of. It is also designed to come with a customised pencil which, on top of looking pretty damn awesome, sits within the book as well to be whipped out whenever you get a bit of inspiration. You can check out this rather dashing design below:


Find out more about the Phone + Book over at Kbme2.

Via: Designboom.

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