Drawbotics 3D TV Floorplans

When you’ve got a favourite TV show, chances are you’ll know every inch of the most popular set locations but we’re willing to wager that you’ve not got a knowledge quite as accurate as these excellent Drawbotics 3D TV Floorplans that have painstakingly recreated the sets of some of the most iconic TV shows of the last few years.

Drawbotics are a real estate promotions agency and their design team decided that it would be time well spent (we agree here at Coolector HQ) to put their 3D rendering skills to good use and accurately recreate the sets of some of their favourite TV shows including the Dunder Mifflin headquarters of The Office and the the offices of creative colossus Don Draper with the set of Mad Men.

Eye-Catching Accuracy

It took the design team at Drawbotics some 200 hours of work to accurately recreate seven of the sets of some of their (and ours, coincidently) favourite TV shows and the sheer painstaking detail that they’ve gone into to capture every nuance of the set is impressive to say the least.

With the likes of The Office, Suits, Silicon Valley, Parks and Recreation and Mad Men all coming under their creative microscope, it’s easy to see why it took them so many hours to complete this project and the high definition 3D renders they’ve come up with certainly stand up well to close inspection and every bit of furniture, desk and break room looks to be in order from our extensive inspection of their first rate work here at Coolector HQ.

We love how much detail Drawbotics have managed to cram into each of their designs and if you’re a fan of comedy and drama TV then you’re sure to find a design within their collection that floats your boat. Such is the level of detail of each one, you can get lost in poring over them looking for props and furniture that you remember and recognise from the shows and we wasted more time than we should have reminiscing about Mad Men and laughing about Silicon Valley when we came across this amazing work from Drawbotics.

3D Wonder

3D rendering and design are mighty impressive skills and are perfect for design projects like this from Drawbotics. That being said, it’s clearly been a label of love for this property marketing agency and we applaud their endeavours in so accurately bringing these iconic TV shows to life.

So, if you’re a fan of Silicon Valley, The Office, Mad Men et al then prepare to waste the next hour or so going over these incredible 3D renders with a fine tooth comb to make sure all the bits you know and love from these hit shows are all present and correct.

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