Nimdu Bike Rack

Bikes aren’t exactly the most convenient objects to store in your home, particularly if you’re living in a flat where space is at a premium but there are various means of maximising space and the excellent looking Nimdu Bike Rack, which is funding on Kickstarter now, is certainly amongst the most stylish and functional in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

The Nimdu Bike Rack delivers a practical and elegant bicycle storage solution for your home or office and it is meticulously well crafted and aesthetically superior so you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your bike is out of the way but it also looks great whilst doing it.

Storage Simplicity

Finding a suitable storage solution for your bike at home is somewhat of a godsend and with the Nimdu Bike Rack you’re killing two birds with one stone as it also serves as the perfect place for storing your EDC such as wallets, phones and keys before you head out in the morning. The handiwork of Swiss startup, Nimdu, this impressive looking bike rack comes in a number of different models to suit your own space and storage requirements and delivers a simplistic, sleek addition to your interior design endeavours.

Simplistic, understated design really is the call of the day with the various different Nimdu Bike Rack models available and each has their own features and nuances which will mean they are more suited to your requirements. For anyone who has tried to store their bike in a hallway and had to perform the daily squeeze past it every morning, designs like this will certainly resonate and whilst it’s not the first of its kind, the Nimdu Bike Rack is definitely amongst the most stylish and well crafted.

Cycling enthusiasts and interior design aficionados alike will find plenty to appreciate with the well crafted and expertly conceived Nimdu Bike Rack which delivers not just impressive form in terms of its understated, elegant design but also an abundance of functionality that will make it a genuinely useful addition to your home.

Biking Brilliance

A design as simple as this may not set the world alight but it’s all about providing function to the home and ensuring your bike has a great place to reside when not in use. When you throw in the addition of storage for your everyday carry as well, there really is nothing not to like about the Nimdu Bike Rack and it’s left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

For those hunting the perfect means of storing their bike at the home or office, there is still plenty of time to get behind this project over on Kickstarter and pick up your own Nimdu Bike Rack for a bargain price.

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