Drawn The Road Again

Chandler O’Leary may not be a name that currently resonates in the art industry but, I for one, have been amazed by her brilliantly drawn chronicles from all over the United States. Due to her “urge to wander” and her undeniably excellent artistic capabilities, we are treated to this fantastic, Kerouac-esque Drawn the Road Again series of sketches, which capture a variety of weird and wonderful sights as she and her husband travel around the country.

After years of sketching the things she encountered on her travels and realising that she was doing the world a disservice but not letting us see them, O’Leary saw fit to unleash them onto the world wide web and, safe to say, she could be a modern day Jack Kerouac – just with less drinking, fewer words and undoubtedly better drawings. The fantastically stylised illustrations from O’Leary, who is, in fact, an illustrator by trade, superbly capture everyday life in America and I’ll definitely be keeping tuned to her excellent website to see what sort of other stuff she encounters and commits to her sketchbooks. Take a look at a few of the best sketches below:


You can see the rest of her work at Drawn the Road Again.

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