Drift Magnetic Board

There is something infinitely more rewarding about making something with your own two hands and when the item in question is something as awesome as these brilliant looking Drift Magnetic Boards then this is merely ramped up still further. It is for this reason, then, that we were delighted that the company behind these eye-catching pieces of homeware, Hejmonti, have really bought some naturally occurring objects, namely driftwood, back to life with their superb designs.

The principal behind the excellent looking magnetic boards from Hejmonti is a devilishly simple one that consists of heading to a beach, finding a piece of driftwood, magnetising it and adding coordinates to the wood for a highly attractive finished product which is available for purchase and will be delivered in a canvas bag with details of the location in which the driftwood was found including images and coordinates and a how-to guide on how to put up your cracking new magnetic board.

If you like to fill your home with rustic, natural products and looking for a great storage solution for you various magnetic objects such as keys and tools then one of these first rate reclaimed accessories will definitely fit the bill. Check out a few more shots of these magnificent Driftwood Magnetic Boards from Hejmonti below:







We love the aesthetic appeal of this accessory here at The Coolector and we dare say that there will be plenty of people out there who will be equally as enamoured with its visual superiority and the fact it has been made from reclaimed material adds to its already substantial level of awesomeness.

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