Drift Sofa

When you think of a comfortable sofa, it’s unlikely that concrete will be one of the materials that springs to mind for the materials used in its construction but that’s exactly what’s in store with this visually spectacular Drift Sofa by Fernando Mastrangelo that shouldn’t look comfortable but patently does.

The stunning Drift Sofa by Fernando Mastrangelo superbly comingles luxurious looking purple velour with the much more rough and ready material of concrete to produce a sofa that, in theory, shouldn’t be a welcoming sight but so well designed is it that we can’t help but be drawn towards it here at Coolector HQ.

Boasting an obvious industrial, yet natural, feel given the materials used in its construction, the Drift Sofa is part of a whole furniture series from Mastrangelo that utilises concrete as the principal material and it’s definitely our favourite at The Coolector. Take a look through a few more shots of this cracking piece of furniture design below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]https://vimeo.com/163352853[/vimeo]





Though it’s definitely the sort of furniture you deploy on the ground floor of any building, the Drift Sofa has definitely captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ and we’ve been well and truly bowled over by the creativity of this series of furniture from Brooklyn based designer, Fernando Mastrangelo.

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