Sadi Tekin Monsters

I think if there’s one thing that Men in Black has taught us (other than the fact that Josh Brolin does a mean Tommy Lee Jones impression) it’s that aliens and monsters intermingle with us humans on a fairly regular basis. Obviously, we don’t seem to notice this interaction given how well extra-terrestials integrate themselves but there’s one chap who seems to have a handle of catching monsters in the act and he goes by the name of Sadi Tekin.

Don’t worry, The Coolector hasn’t gone off its rocker and doesn’t really believe that, in a Fox Mulder-esque way, that the “Truth is Out There” – would we do think is out there is some awesome monsters interacting with some major towns and cities and we have been treated to this visual spectacle courtesy of Istanbul based industrial designer and illustrator, Sadi Tekin.

As an accomplished illustrator for a number of children’s books, magazines and movie posters, we shouldn’t be surprised by the awesomeness of these Monsters of New York designs that he has come up with and here at The Coolector, we can definitely get on board with a monster that fishes for vegans. Kudos, monster. Hope the fishing is good.

Check out the rest of Tekin’s work at (just don’t expect to use your mouse much).

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