Dulche Lamp

If you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll want to fill your workspace with all sorts of great looking design orientated pieces and one of the areas in which you’ve certainly got a lot of choice is that of lighting. Well, it’s fair to say we’ve not seen many cooler looking candidates for your workspace lighting of late than this superb Dulche Lamp from Filippo Mambretti on behalf of Gantri.

The Dulche Lamp from Filippo Mambretti expertly straddles the line between classic and contemporary design and will elevate the visual impact of your desk space considerably. This excellent piece of lighting takes its design inspiration from Art Deco’s Streamline Moderne and Mambretti has incorporated smooth surfaces, curved forms, and long horizontal lines as a nod to the designers who pushed the boundaries during the Great Depression.

Light Up Your Workspace

Minimalist in nature, the Filippo Mambretti designed Dulche Lamp for Gantri will fit in with any creative’s workspace and it consists of a  a single cylindrical column which is broken up with a striking disc of light, which makes it ideally suited for a workspace, a side table, or an nightstand. As with other Gantri designs, the Dulce lamp is 3D-printed with a PLA body which boasts a soft-touch matte finish in a number of different colourways – namely, Fog, Snow, or Sand – and a translucent PLA diffuser with protective coating.

The Dulche Lamp is the sort of eye-catching piece of design that really adds to the aesthetic appeal of any creative workspace or minimalist interior design endeavour. The clever design immediately makes it stand out from the crowd so far as workspace lighting is concerned and anyone with a love of old-school cool style furniture products is sure to be won over by this impressive piece of design from Filippo Mambretti.

Stylishly designed with a mixture of contemporary and traditional design features, we’re loving the use of 3D printing in the creation of this Dulche Lamp here at Coolector HQ and it just goes to show the sort of quality pieces which can be created when using technologically superior processes such as 3D printing. Effortlessly cool and with the sort of visual gravitas most creatives demand from their workspace additions, we’re loving the Dulche Lamp here at The Coolector.

Contemporary Cool

Lighting is something that is very subjective and not everyone is going to want the same thing illuminating their workspace or bedside table but if you’re like us and love the commingling of classic design and modern technology, the Dulche Lamp from Filippo Mambretti is sure to fit the bill.

Boasting a design quite unlike anything we’ve seen before, it’s easy to see why this cracking piece of lighting is proving mighty popular in design circles. Minimalism and 3D printing combine to dramatic effect with the Dulche Lamp and we can’t wait to see what else Mambretti comes up with in 2019.

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