Duncan Shotton Sticky Page Markers

If you’re the sort that still enjoys reading hard copies of books and have yet to graduate onto e-readers and tablets then you’ll likely be equally as impressed and enamoured with some top notch Sticky Page Markers from Tokyo based designer, Duncan Shotton, which will make any book your reading instantly more visually appealing.

Duncan Shotton is an established designer who is responsible for a number of projects previously that have captured the public imagination such as his Real Boy Pins and Rainbow Pencils and his Sticky Page Markers project is the latest offering to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ.

Currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter, Shotton’s Sticky Page Markers allow you to create miniature landscape scenes whilst marking out the important pages in any book that you’re currently poring over and we’re big fans of his London and New York editions of the Sticky Page Markers he’s created (though there are plenty of others likely to be in the works should the Kickstarter reach fruition). Check out a few of the sets below:

005_Sticky_Page_Markers_MARS_paper_bookmarks 006_Sticky_Page_Markers_POLAR_paper_bookmarks 008_Sticky_Page_Markers_TOKYO_paper_bookmarks 010_Sticky_Page_Markers_DESERT_paper_bookmarks 011_Sticky_Page_Markers_HONG-KONG_paper_bookmarks 012_Sticky_Page_Markers_LONDON_paper_bookmarks 013_Sticky_Page_Markers_OCEAN_paper_bookmarks

Whilst the numbers who still use hard copy books is ever dwindling, it is great little design projects like this from Shotton that will help keep them alive. Whilst we’re in the digital camp for the most part here at Coolector HQ, we do occasionally revert to tangible books from time to time and these spiffing Sticky Page Markers from Tokyo based Shotton are right up our street.

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