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Despite having only recently returned from an overseas trip, the travelling bug is still well and truly omnipresent here at Coolector HQ and we currently have a distinct urge to go into the wild and spend some time in the great outdoors. For such an expedition, however, the right tools for the job are essential and when it comes to sleeping arrangements when sleeping under the stars, we’ve encountered few better looking options than these excellent looking Hummingbird Hammocks.

Hummingbird Hammocks are the handiwork of a Colorado based team of outdoor enthusiasts who had the simple dream of creating a supremely comfortable and highly functional hammock for their own use but soon realised that they were onto something with their design process and, from that, Hummingbird Hammocks were born.

The design of a Hummingbird Hammock borrows heavily from construction techniques gleamed from the Parachute Industry Association which allowed for the creation of a hammock that is considerably lighter, more hardwearing and with smaller packing materials than the vast majority of the other hammocks available on the market. And, as you can see from the shots below, it will make a mightily fine addition to any camping trips you have planned in the near future:

backpacking bright

hawaii beach right

hawaii beach trees

singlehammockpage (4)

wyoming green orange large rocks

If you want to afford yourself a really great view of Mother Nature without the need to sacrifice comfort then these brilliantly conceived and constructed Hummingbird Hammocks will undoubtedly be a step in the right direction and provide the perfect vantage point of any vistas where you choose to set up camp.

For a regular camper who wants a versatile and comfortable sleeping option for outside the tent on those hot days then this is surely it and it boasts plenty of features that help set it apart and make it an essential purchase for any seasoned outdoorsman.

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