In The Dunes House

Beachside living is something that is likely going to appeal to an awful lot of people out there and you better believe if the property was as impressive as the In The Dunes House, then everyone would want to live by the beach. The In The Dunes House is a stunning piece of design from Caleb Johnson Architects and the minimalistic masterpiece is positioned amongst the dunes on a beach front plot of land.

The In The Dunes House from Caleb Johnson is located in Maine, USA, and the architects behind the design have raised this cedar-clad coastal dwelling up on wooden stilts in order for the landscape to be allowed to flow under the house. This stunning residential property  was created for a New York-based couple who are approaching retirement age and it has a wonderfully understated aesthetic we’re loving at The Coolector. It can be found in the town of Wells in southern Maine and occupies a beachfront site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for the ultimate in relaxing views.

Rustic Location

Boasting a highly contemporary design, the In The Dunes House is located between a large, shingle-style property and a much smaller, one-room beach cottage, and the design aims to respect the context of this location. This glorious looking home was influenced by the vernacular coastal structures that can be found throughout the Maine coastline and the building was simplified to pure geometric forms and then manipulated and made more contemporary to take advantage of the out of this world sea and marsh views beyond.

The In The Dunes House from Caleb Johnson Studio consists of two gabled forms of differing heights, which are joined together by a flat-roofed, central stairwell which are carefully designed to fit in with the lifestyle of the residents. As a result of the fact there is a potential of coastal flooding, the In The Dunes House sits atop wooden stilts and a concrete plinth. The open area at ground level serves as a carport for the owner’s impressive looking car.

With the exterior walls of the house clad in cedar, there is a highly attractive aesthetic to this home which immediately draws the eye. The roof is sheathed in metal and both the cedar and metal materials are designed to weather over time and give the property more character the older it gets. The windows are framed with a dark metal that contrasts with the light-toned cladding and makes for a highly attractive structure that sits well within its coastal setting.

Cleverly Designed

Built for a couple who are approaching retirement age, the In The Dunes House is designed for rest and relaxation. On the  ground level of the home there is the public areas and a bedroom. In the kitchen, there is a folding glass door which allows indoor activities to spill outdoors and enjoy the sea views and sand dunes that surround the home.

Caleb Johnson Studio have done a superb job of ensuring the In The Dunes House fits in with its surroundings and works for the owners of the property. There is a semi-enclosed patio which merges with an exposed wooden deck, with stairs that head down to the beach. On the second floor of the house you’ll find the two bedrooms and a pair of offices and, last but not least, it has a number of sustainable features, which includes LED lighting, high-performance insulation and rooftop solar panels.

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