Duvel The Jane Beer Gift Set

We’re big fans of our Belgian beers here at Coolector HQ (despite their often brutal alcohol content) and Duvel is a brand that we have a lot of time for and that’s why we were delighted to stumble across this excellent looking Duvel The Jane Beer Gift Set.

Designed by Toykyo, Jimmy Lee, and SH19, this ideal gift for any craft beer lover from Duvel is patently right up our street – not least because its beer related but also because it boasts superb branding, design and illustrative elements as well. If you’re after some cracking beer related gifts that are a little out of the ordinary this spring, this Duvel The Jane Beer Gift Set would be our pick and you can check out a few more shots below:







Whilst our love of craft beers makes us gravitate towards gift sets of this nature, this one from Duvel is particularly impressive and stylish. With a couple of eye-catching beers and glasses making up the fantastically packaged set, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth with this one and for any chap in the market for a top notch beer gift package, this one from Duvel has all the makings of the ideal choice.

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