LENKR Wooden Handlebars

When it comes to cycling, we’ve all got our own tastes with regard to the types of bike we favour in terms of style and performance but for those of you out there going for a minimalist aesthetic with your bicycle, you might just want to turn your attention in the direction of a Kickstarter project by the name of LENKR Wooden Handlebars.

Wonderfully stylish and billed as being wooden handlebars with an aluminium core and a continuous wooden grain, this great looking cycling accessory is hand-made in Berlin and will add a distinctly understated visual appeal to your bike. Each set of LENKR Wooden Handlebars is milled from a single piece of walnut and this is backed up with a high-quality aluminium core which provides great performance and durability.

More and more cyclists will be opting for bikes when it comes to travelling to and from work and if you want your own particular steed to look the part, accessories like LENKR Wooden Handlebars will go a long way towards achieving this. Check out a few more shots below:









Available in a couple of different styles to suit your own tastes, the LENKR Wooden Handlebars will tick your aesthetic boxes if you’re the minimal type and they will add a touch of retro appeal to any bike on which you deployed them. Supremely well crafted, functional and stylish, if you’re wanting to enhance the coolness of your two-wheeled steed, there is still time to show support over on Kickstarter.

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