Dying Light

The Coolector has a bit of a soft spot for zombie apocalypses (though I dare say we are entirely unprepared to actually deal with one) – so, we make do with watching corking shows like The Walking Dead and top notch movies like World War Z instead.

Given this proclivity for the undead, our attention has naturally been drawn to this excellent looking zombie survival epic and is a collaborative effort between Warner Brothers Games and Techland. Dying Light is billed as a first-person, action survival horror game with an open, sand-box style environment. You will traverse this open landscape in search of supplies and weapons and, ideally, putting paid to the rogue zombies that you encounter during your travels.

Dying Light boasts many impressive features that will certainly get the old heart rate pumping and sort the wheat from the apocalyptic chaff to see who will do well when we are faced with an inevitable zombie uprising. The game offers free-running movements that will let you seamlessly jump from building to building or to other scalable objects as you do your utmost to escape the zombie hordes. Another attractive feature of this incredibly visually impressive game is the fact you are free to make your own decisions and said decisions will have a bearing on how you progress through the game i.e. you hear a scream – do you stop and investigate or scarper for cover – whatever you decide, it will have an impact on what happens next in your gaming experience. Take a look at a few of the impressive screenshots below:


Set for release for PS4 and Xbox One in March, 2014, we here at The Coolector have already got our pre-order in.

Check out the official site at Dyinglightgame.com.

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