Best EDC Essentials from Urban EDC Supply

We’re all about our everyday carry here at Coolector HQ and whether it be notebooks, pens, wallets, watches or pocketknives (to name but a few), we’re always on the lookout for the latest accessories that need to form part of our EDC line up. It’s always rewarding to find a purveyor of your favourite EDC brands all in one place and that’s exactly what you get from Urban EDC Supply, a San Francisco based supplier of awesome pieces of everyday carry that every man will appreciate.

Urban EDC Supply are the brainchild of Yong-Soo Chung and it is their overriding goal to deliver a platform for makers and enthusiasts to connect and inspire about a shared love of excellent everyday carry. It is their mission to embolden the creativity of today’s most talented designers and craftsmen by showcasing their latest original work and given us, the average EDC lover, a chance to get our hands on some amazing accessories from wallets to watches.

Check out our picks of the best EDC essentials from Urban EDC Supply below:

Peak Eiger Ultra – Copper (Limited Edition) Flashlight

If you have a flashlight as one of the cornerstones of your EDC line up, you’re not going to find any much classier or more robust than this great looking Peak Eiger Ultra – Copper (Limited Edition) Flashlight from Urban EDC Supply. This classy looking number is built upon the immeasurably cool Eiger platform and this version has a special optic that triples the performance while still remaining conveniently interchangeable with all standard Eiger bodies. You can get all that power in this awesome one-of-a-kind solid copper body. If you carry a torch, it should be this one. ($115)

Prometheus Lambda Top In Copper

Anyone who loved the movie, Inception, is likely to have one of these top notch little accessories as part of their EDC line up but, quite frankly, they don’t come any better made or more striking than this Prometheus Lambda Top in Copper from the guys at Urban EDC Supply. This eye-catching offering has an unofficial record spin time of 12 minutes and truly is an expression of impeccable engineering, physics and visual flair. So far as sheer performance and stability is concerned, you’ll struggle to find anything in this size and weight class that even comes close to the performance capabilities of the Prometheus Lambda Top. A fun addition to your EDC line up. ($90)

MGCO Playing Cards

Playing cards is the perfect way to while away long journeys or the perfect thing to spring out on camping trips into the wild and that’s why so many men will opt to have a deck of cards as part and parcel of their everyday carry line up. If you’re after a brilliantly illustrated and classy deck for all your hands of poker and blackjack, these MGCO Playing Cards on Urban EDC Supply will be a great place to start. Designed by Tyler Deeb, the attention to detail which has gone into the illustrations, colouring, and aesthetics of these cards is second to none. This deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on premium Bee paper, which is the highest quality coated playing card stock. In addition, the tuck case is gold-foiled and embossed for that extra touch of class and visual superiority when you pull this deck out. ($15)

Sneerwell Noble Flask

We’re partial to a tipple or two here at Coolector HQ and there are plenty of other men out there similarly inclined so a flask should certainly be one of the main elements of their EDC collection. These brilliantly conceived and crafted Noble Flasks by Sneerwell on Urban EDC Supply are the sort of aesthetically superior offering we’d gravitate towards were we in the market for a hip flask and each one is hewn from solid stainless steel before being meticulously hand-etched and patinated by the man behind Sneerwell, Josh Harvey. Each flask is crafted by hand using time-tested traditional methods, which means that no two will be exactly alike, and the amazing artwork takes its design inspiration from early Americana and Nautical folklore. ($65)

Menovade S.T.U.F.F Pocketknife

Being handy on a day to day basis is all about having the right tools and EDC in your pocket and not many are going to boast more functionality and versatility than this ace looking S.T.U.F.F Pocketknife from Menovade. Standing for Sheepsfoot Tangential Underpin Friction Folder, this great piece of EDC is a sheepsfoot friction folder which uses a unique tang/pin detent that is engaged when the knife is fully opened. While this is not a locking mechanism, it adds some extra comfort and security and means you can carry this accessory even in places with sensitive knife laws. It offers an impressive 1.8” CPM 154 chisel ground sheepsfoot blade which will make short work of tough materials. Also, due to the shorter blade length, it can provide greater control for precision cuts and work. ($140)

Machine Era Co Ti5 Slim Wallet

We know all about Machine Era Co here at Coolector HQ and they are far and away one of our favourite EDC brands and the chief reason is their awesome line up of wallets – none better than the Ti5 Wallet from Machine Era Co which you can pick up from Urban EDC Supply. This supremely well thought out wallet from Machine Era Co puts function above all else and this is evident in its intuitive design and the materials used in its crafting. Machined from aerospace grade 6AL4V titanium, it’s incredibly light yet exceptionally robust. A minimalist wallet like no other and a cornerstone of your EDC line up for 2018. ($58)

Fox Hanx Handkerchief

Nothing says classy like carrying a handkerchief and the quality of these Fox Hanx Handkerchieves from Urban EDC Supply really is second to none. Incredibly versatile, the humble handkerchief can be used from everything from mopping your brow to using it as a bandage, cleaning glasses and lenses and even using it as a dust mask. Hand made in Texas from the highest quality fabrics with a real attention to the design detailing in order to accomplish a product that adds timeless function to your EDC line up, these Fox Hanx Handkerchiefs are a must for any man in 2018. ($35)

Douglas Field Lighter

You never know when a lighter is going to come in handy on a day to day basis and that’s why it has long been a cornerstone of most men’s EDC selection. This Douglas Field Lighter is a striking and eye-catching accessory to say the least and comes in brass or stainless steel so you can choose the one that best suits the aesthetics of the rest of your EDC line up. This cracking little accessory is, unlike most mass produced lighters, hand machined by a master craftsman and built to 0.001” tolerances. Each one of these lighters is then tested for quality has been designed to last for up to a year without running out of fuel courtesy of the airtight construction which stopes the lighter fluid from evaporating. ($60)

Urban Organiser

It’s all well and good have a great line up of EDC accessories but you’ll need something to help keep them ordered and in check on a day to day basis and that’s where this great looking Urban Organiser comes into play. Superior craftsmanship and a great attention to detail has gone into the making of this organiser and this all-in-one pocket organiser will do a stellar job of keeping all your essentials together. With a slot for your pen, a pocket flashlight, and your favourite folding knife, the storage on offer is impressive to say the least. The Urban Organiser can even hold your iPhone and your favourite hand-sized notebook. Last but not least, there’s a handy back pocket for keeping all yours cards and cash whilst on the go. ($99)

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