Ekko Audio HUB

We love our gadgets here at Coolector HQ and sometimes you come across some tech which looks mightily impressive and the Ekko Audio HUB is certainly something that falls into this category and for those looking for a superior audio experience, you might just want to check out this cracking Kickstarter project.

The excellent looking Ekko Audio HUB will ramp up your music awesomeness and permits multiple users for a real-time, wireless listening experience. Billed as the first Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi audio hub for headphones and speakers, this top notch offering from Ekko provides an unparalleled multi-room listening experience and happens to look excellent whilst doing it.

This clever little device uses ultra-low latency Wi-Fi technology to stream real-time audio to multiple listeners and the quality of the sound it produces is also mighty impressive too. Take a look at a few more shots of this cracking bit of tech below:





If you’re rocking a substandard multi-room audio system and looking to improve your versatility then you’ll not go too far wrong with this amazing piece of gadgetry from Ekko Audio. The technology is superior and the aesthetic is right up our street – if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, time to head over to Kickstarter and show your support.

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