Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table

As we spend more than our fair share of time in pubs here at Coolector HQ, we’re pretty decent at most pub sports but it’s fair to say we’ve never seen a table quite like this Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table in any of the watering holes we’ve frequented because, quite frankly, it might just be the coolest example of a pool table anywhere out there right now and if you’re already counting yourself as a fan, you’ll need to move quickly as only five are made per year.

Elite Innovations are an Australian design house dedicated to delivering the finest in manufacturing standards and, as you’ll soon see, this is certainly something which shines through in their stunning X1 Everest Pool Table. This miraculous construct boasts an ultra modern design that will be quite like any other pool table you’ve encountered and though the mechanics are the same, it will take a little while just to get used to the aesthetic superiority of this phenomenal piece of design.

Rack ‘Em Up

Pool is one of the more enjoyable sports to be found in the pub and though you’re unlikely to find a table as luxurious as this down your local, if you’ve got deep pockets and a real love of pool then you might just be able to get one for your own home. The Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table has been completely re-designed from the ground up to deliver a groundbreaking and innovative means of enjoying one of the oldest games out there.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table is the transparent glass base and glass top which both combine to make this glass pool table a real showstopper from an aesthetic point of view. The eye-catching visual impact of the design gives the impression that the table is hovering on air and will always turn heads when you invite someone over for a game or two.

When you see the playing surface, which does away with the traditional green felt that you’re likely accustomed to and replaces it with a transparent material, you’ll probably have reservations about with the ball physics and movement will be the same on the X1 Everest Pool Table. Well, fear not, the playing area is crafted from a patented Vitrik transparent material and this surface does a mighty fine job of replicating the rolling resistance of felt and delivers a shock absorbing layer of protection for the glass frame below.

Design Superiority

In a league of its own from a design point of view, the Elite Innovations X1 Everest Pool Table lets you choose from an impressive array of finishes and also offer the option of chrome and/or 24c gold plating to add a real touch of decadence and luxury to your pool table. Every single X1 Everest Pool Table is polished by hand, which guarantees a real quality finish  and zero flaking.

As mentioned, these amazing pool tables are in extremely limited supply and highly sought after so chances are by the time you’re reading this they may well be all sold out but, if not, and you’ve been looking for the ultimate in luxury with which to spoil yourself this summer, this one would definitely be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ.

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