LECTRO Electric Bikes

Gone are the days when a conventional bike would sate our appetites here at Coolector HQ. We invariably crave something of a more technological mindset truth be told and that’s why electric bikes always have us sitting up and taking notice and they don’t come much more accomplished or well crafted than this brilliant series of LECTRO Electric Bikes which are available in a number of different varieties to match your own style.

LECTRO operate out of Manchester and whilst they aren’t a brand that we’ve encountered before at The Coolector, the quality of their small but perfectly formed array of electric bikes will ensure that they find an eager crowd of cycling aficionados looking to snap up their wares. Quality is the call of the day with these LECTRO Electric Bikes and for those of you that want a bit more oomph than pedal power alone can provide, these first rate contraptions are just the thing for you.

Electrifying Style

We love electric bikes because of the additional functionality they offer and our own inherent laziness here at The Coolector but not all are created equal as this superbly crafted LECTRO Electric Bikes admirably illustrate. Available in foldable, urban and mountain ranges, these impeccable steeds will blow you away with their exceptional craftsmanship and performance capabilities and for those of you after a new set of wheels this summer, you need look no further.



LECTRO Electric Bikes are an extremely affordable entry to the electric bicycle market and that will immediately make them appeal to the more frugal amongst you who want quality but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to achieve it. Using the best materials and components in their construction, it’s hard to believe that these contraptions are available for under £1000 and when you climb aboard your LECTRO for the first time, the quality will be plain to see.

If you’ve got a need for speed, you’ll be pleased with the performance of LECTRO Electric Bikes which are capable of propelling you to speeds of 20PMH using the motor alone and if you throw your pedal power into the mix too, you’ll be able to ramp these speeds up still further. There are plenty of tech additions that will add to the enjoyment of the ride still further, this eye-catching bikes are right up our street here at Coolector HQ and it’s not just their aesthetics that they get by on, these LECTRO Electric Bikes excel in the performance department too.

Stand Out Quality 

It’s no good investing in an electric bike if the components used in its crafting aren’t up to scratch but thankfully this isn’t something which applies to these superb LECTRO Electric Bikes. With the Peak Mountain variety of their electric bikes, for example, you’ll discover an impressive, 250 watt brushless motor which can be activated to help you storm up those hills and steep ascents. It also has a large capacity but surprisingly compact lithium ion power pack which is mounted in a low position on the frame to help lower the centre of gravity and make for a more streamlined ride.

As tech obsessed individuals here at Coolector HQ, we’re always going to gravitate towards electric bikes over more conventional rides and these LECTRO Electric Bikes can definitely count themselves amongst the best we’ve seen. Affordable, impeccably well made and available in an array of styles to match your needs, there really is nothing not to like and we’ll definitely be hoping to get our hands on one of these for ourselves.

Price: £949+

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