Ember Smart Mug

We love a hot beverage (or ten) in the morning here at Coolector HQ and we’re also pretty enamoured with technology so, with this in mind, you’ll be unlikely to be surprised to hear we’ve fallen for a clever piece of kit called the Ember Smart Mug pretty hard.

The Ember Smart Mug is the perfect solution for those people who want their tea and coffee at the perfect temperature for hours on end. It lets you pour your beverage before you head off for work and through the use of smart technology, allows you to keep it your optimum temperature for hours.

This cracking bit of tech has an accompanying app which you can use to control your vessel and offers an elegant and simple design that is sure to appeal. Take a look at a few more shots below:








For those people who are serious about their coffee, the Ember Smart Mug will be a bit of godsend as it really does make all the difference to have your beverage at the temperature that you favour and this allows you to set it exactly as you like it.

With Bluetooth pairing technology, 12 fluid ounces storage capacity and an ergonomic grip, we dare say there will be plenty of coffee lovers rocking a Ember Smart Mug this Christmas period.

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