Autodromo Group B Watches

The 80s was a decade that we have particularly fond memories of here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’ve got a massive soft spot for the Autodromo Group B watches which are a celebration of the types of watches that were so prevalent in the era.

Autodromo are well known for using automotive history as their muse for creating cracking series of watches and these Group B timepieces are no exception. Using the Group B era of rally racing as the catalyst for the design features of these striking timepieces, Autodromo have hit the nail on the head again with this collection and if you’re a fan of motor sports, particularly in the 80s, then you’ll likely want one of these strapped to your wrist.

The Autodromo Group B watches boast a Miyota movement, 39mm titanium casing and are impressively lightweight, weighing in at a mere 52 grams. You take a look at a few more shots of this great looking series of timepieces below:






We love the aesthetic of this latest collection of timepieces from Autodromo and they are available for pre-order now and for any rally aficionado in the market for a new timepiece in 2016, this is going to tick plenty of the right boxes. Each watch comes with two straps – one in grey and one in the colour of the dial so it will provide plenty of style choices for today’s dapper chap.

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