There’s no better way to open an article, than with a beautifully eloquent Tom Jones quote about wrist watches: “I have a weakness for wrist watches. I have to stop myself from buying more” – Tom Jones. Funnily enough, here at Coolector HQ, we agree with the curly-haired former sex bomb; one can never have too many timepieces, especially when they’re as beautiful as the latest collaboration between END.Clothing and Timex.

The appropriately named ‘Timepiece Project .01’ is the first collaboration between the two, and with the combined knowledge and expertise of both brands, this is a watch that will comfortably stand the test of time. A nod to the Timex ‘Navi Ocean’ wrist watches, ‘Timepiece Project .01’ combines both style and practicality, is “built with a passion for authenticity”, and packs a whole host of serious features.

Eye-Catching Design

Its ruggedly beautiful stainless-steel case comes finished with a worn-in patina and scalloped rotating bezel, reminiscent of those mid-century diving timepieces – perfect for your weekend deep-sea dives, or working out how much time you’ve got left on your parking ticket. It’s also water-resistant up to 100m, which won’t really do much for your parking ticket, but will certainly come in handy when you fancy a dip in the blue stuff.

The face of the END. X TIMEX ‘TIMEPIECE PROJECT .01’ Watch, which is available in two variations; black and off-white, and displayed behind a layer of mineral crystal glass, is bold and easily readable. The combination of sleekly designed minimal triangles and dots – something originally included in the manufacture of military watches to help pilots distinguish 12 o’clock during air combat – makes telling the time as easy as a quick glance at the screen of your smartphone.

Keeping ‘Timepiece Project .01’ on your wrist is a selection of straps, which are again, of course, inspired by classic military-style wrist watches. Grab the woodland camo or ballistic nylon straps for those more adventurous weekend wanders, or the stonewashed leather for more formal affairs.

Time is of the Essence

Great looking collaborations like this one from Timex and END. don’t hang around on the shelves for long so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen (and it’s hard not to have done) then you’ll have to get a wriggle on in order to ensure this supremely stylish accessory winds up on your wrist.

Timepiece Project .01 is available soon, so be sure to register your interest over on END. Launches before it’s too late. A real triple threat of unparalleled style, excellent performance and pleasing affordability, it’s easy to see why excitement is so high surrounding this fantastic collaboration from two of our favourite brands here at The Coolector.

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