Enso Men’s Rings

Finding men’s accessories and jewellery that doesn’t break the bank isn’t always a straightforward process but if you’re looking for some finger accoutrements this fall and winter, the cracking line up of Enso Rings for Men might just be the ideal place to start – not least because you can get your hands on them (literally) for as little as $19.99. Inexpensive but effortlessly cool, it’s easy to see why these silicone rings are proving mighty popular with today’s contemporary men.

Enso are all about making rings built for the journey and for the adventurous inclined. You want to run, climb, work, swim, cook, shower, hold a child without having to stop what you’re doing take off the very emblem that represents the life you live. Add to that the real risk of ring avulsion, degloving and amputation, Enso set out on a path to create silicone rings to protect your precious moments and fingers.

Rough and Ready For Action

A ring shouldn’t get in the way of anything you want to do and that’s the mindset that Enso have about their great line up of rings for men. With prices ranging from $19.99 to $39.99 and an awesome special edition collection of “Inked” rings to be enjoyed, you’re sure to find something that suits both your design tastes and budget. Silicone was chosen as the material for their rings because it belongs on finger. When the ancient Egyptians created the first circular representations of promise, they used braided hemp. It’s the symbol and the practicality that mattered. Enso use silicone ring to bring back comfort, safety and focus to the way we express commitment.

It is the Elements Enso Rings which are the real stand out collection for men and they are a real game changer in terms of not slowing down your lifestyle whilst also added an added aesthetic impact to your hand. The Elements collection from Enso is redefining silicone rings. Each ring is infused with precious materials, so as to blur the line between traditional rings and silicone rings. Enso’s copper rings are infused with real copper, their gold and rose gold rings are infused with real gold, their silver rings with real silver, and their black pearl rings with real pearl – you get the picture.

Each one of the Enso Rings is made in the USA to exacting standards and though they are incredibly affordable, they have a tangible sense of quality and robustness to the touch which will give you the peace of mind they will stand up to any adventures you’ve got planned. They offer incredible comfort courtesy of the unique, flexible design that will ensure a comfortable fit even with swelling fingers and hands.

Safe & Comfortable Fit

A lot of thought has been put into the materials used and design of these Enso Rings to make sure they are both safe and comfortable enough for daily wear. They are engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology which means that they will break away and protect your finger if the situation requires it. They also have breathable channels incorporated into the design to promote airflow in order to keep your fingers dry and comfortable all throughout the day and night.

Wonderfully affordable, extremely well made and stylish in the extreme, these Enso Rings for men are a real triple threat and should become part of your accessories line up this fall and winter. If you’ve been looking for some affordable men’s jewellery to change things up a bit, you may well have just found the ideal candidate with Enso.

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