Mission Workshop Mission Jeans

Whilst it’s fair to say that most jeans are built for style over comfort, every once in a while you come across a pair that delivers in both departments and that’s exactly the situation we’re in now with these Mission Workshop Mission Jeans. Wonderfully robust and hard-wearing but stylish enough for any occasion, they really are the best of both worlds and this latest update from San Francisco based Mission Workshop elevates the quality of their jeans in every conceivable way.

Priced at $285, these Mission Workshop Mission Jeans aren’t the sort of throwaway fast fashion that is becoming an environmental scourge. They are built for the long haul and with an adventurous, active lifestyle in mind. The great visuals and first class materials combine to make these the comfiest and most robust pair of jeans you’re ever likely to own and, in the words of Mission Workshop themselves, “the world’s best pair of jeans just got even better”.

Performance Perfection

It goes without saying that any efforts to improve upon an icon is no small feat, but the advanced 5-pocket Mission Jean from Mission Workshop is designed to achieve a level of performance far beyond what has been achievable in the past. The Mission Jean is not crafted from traditional indigo denim but rather, it utilises an advanced stretch-woven fabric which has been developed exclusively for Mission Workshop by Mectex S.p.a. at their mill near Lake Como in Italy.

With comfort offer the charts and a freedom of movement seldom seen in trousers, these Mission Workshop Mission Jeans ($285) boast an extremely high level of 4-way stretch which has been carefully designed to make sure it does not sacrifice durability or structure with repeated wear (and, trust us, you’ll want to be wearing these day in, day out). The result is a material with a tough workwear-like appearance, but that has extraordinary freedom of movement similar to knit track pants.

Finding a good pair of jeans is like the holy grail for most men and when you find a purveyor that offers everything you’re looking for, you’ll likely go back to them time and time again. Chances are these Mission Jeans from Mission Workshop are the grail jeans you’ve been hunting for and whilst they’re not cheap at just shy of $300, they deliver a comfort and performance which is quite simply unparalleled.

Brilliant Design

Mission Workshop are perhaps best known for engineering top of the line bags and accessories and they put all their know-how into their apparel creations like the Mission Jeans to ensure the quality is second to none. Some of the stand out features of these jeans include the traditional 5-pocket jean configuration which gives you more than enough storage for all your EDC essentials, a highly breathable and moisture wicking design and a next-generation water-repellent (DWR) finish.

Made in the USA from top quality Italian materials, it is little wonder that these Mission Jeans from Mission Workshop are well regarded and sought after. The price tag of $285 is a fair one for such high quality apparel and for any man in need of their next pair of jeans and want a pair that lasts the distance and any adventure, look no further.


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