Escape Traveller Trailer

Following on from the incredible amount of love that was given for the recently featured Kantoor Karavaan here on the pages of The Coolector, we’ve got another space which might just be vying with it in the awesomeness stakes and it goes by the name of the Escape Traveller Trailer.

Though it might look like some luxurious wood cabin that you erect in your garden or somewhere in the great outdoors, the Escape Traveller Trailer can actually be hitched to almost any pick up truck and taken on your travels with you so if you’re the camping sort but really want to travel in style then this spectacular looking construct will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes.

Measuring 28 feet in length with over 250 square feet of living space, there are few camping solutions that are quite as impressive and versatile as the Escape Traveller Trailer and within each one you’ll find separate sleeping space, kitchen, dining area and bathroom – not bad for something you can hitch to your pick up truck and take wherever you see fit. Check out a few more shots below:





With sufficient room for around 6 people, this eye-catching piece of design is amongst the best we’ve seen of late here at Coolector HQ and for those looking for their own fortress of solitude for the summer months, it has got everything you need and more. Though it costs $65,000 which is by no means cheap, the sheer level of versatility with the Escape Traveller Trailer definitely makes it money well spent in our mind.

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