Exceptionally Great Espresso Print

A well made cup of coffee has the capacity to drag us out of a stupor here at Coolector HQ but, lamentably, we don’t really have the capacity (nor the inclination) to make good quality coffees for ourselves. What we perhaps need then is a visual prompt whenever we’re in need of a caffeine jolt and we’ve not come across many better ones than this first class Exceptionally Great Espresso Print by German designer, Steffen Heinemann.

Based upon the principal that a well made espresso is both an artform and a science, this cracking print goes into intricate detail about the nature of crafting an espresso cup of coffee to perfection and gives various hints and tips on making the multitude of espresso based coffee beverages out there. We’re definitely partial to a regular imbibing of coffee around these here parts and coupled with our love of design, this Exceptionally Great Espresso Print is clearly right up our street. Check out a few more shots of the print below:




If you’re also a coffee aficionado with a love of all things caffeine and have long been on the lookout for some excellent artwork to represent this fact then you really need look no further than this spiffing Exceptionally Great Espresso Print. Informative, visually engaging and stylish, this brilliant print measures 50cm x 70cm and is printed on beautiful Italian paper. If you’ve fallen for it, however, you’ll need to move quickly as it’s limited to a mere 250 prints.

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