Triumph & Disaster On The Road Travel Kit

One of the many grievances of travelling for many is the all too inevitable forgetting to pack the toiletry essentials that you’ll need for your trip but when they are combined in an awesome looking package replete with everything you’ll need then you, sir, can rejoice and your saviour on this particular occasion is the excellent New Zealand based brand, Triumph & Disaster and their superb looking On The Road Travel Kit.

Triumph & Disaster featured on the pages of The Coolector a few months back now when their thoroughly exquisite branding caught our eye and they’ve once more come into our purview with their cracking On The Road Travel Kit. You’ll likely only need a few core components of your bathroom routine when travelling and this brilliantly conceived set from Triumph & Disaster aims to provide them in one awesome and portable package.

Each one of the On The Road Travel Kits will contain four of Triumph & Disasters most loved products – namely, their Gameface Moisturiser, Ritual Face Cleanser, YLF Wash and Old Fashioned Shave Cream – and, for anyone going on a short trip abroad (or internally for that matter) this decidedly dapper looking kit will more than meet your requirements. Check out a few more shots of the set below:



If you’re off on your travels over the next few weeks and have been on the lookout for a travelling skincare kit then look no further because this one from New Zealand’s finest will have everything you’re looking for all under one roof.

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