Fabian Oefner Disintegrating II

The lengths that people go to in order to take mesmerising photographs never ceases to amaze us at Coolector HQ and Fabian Oefner is one such individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty and he is back once again with his incredibly crafted Disintegrating series of photography.

Showcased at M.A.D Gallery in Switzerland, the Disintegrating II series of photography from Oefner continues his tradition of deconstructing classic cars and showing all of their moving parts.

Amazing Automobiles

Oefner adds five new images to his Disintegrating series with iconic machines like the Ford GT40, Porsche 965 and Maserati 250F coming under his purview on this occasion.



Such is the level of precision with these incredible images from Oefner, most will assume that they are computer aided renderings but, in fact, each is a meticulously executed photograph – a fact which adds to the immeasurable appeal still further. Speaking of his breathtaking work, Oefner states:

I have always been fascinated by the clean, crisp looks of 3D renderings. So I tried to use that certain type of aesthetic and combine it with the strength of real photography.

A celebration of the art of mechanics, these images that have been created not only do a phenomenal job of showcasing the inner workings of some of the world’s most iconic motor vehicles but they are stunning pieces of visually engaging artwork in their own right.

Painstaking Precision

It is astounding to think that these photographs have been meticulously planned and put together and just goes to show that photography can be just as mind blowing as computer renderings when you put the time and effort into the set up.


The Disintegrating II series from Fabian Oefner definitely opens our eyes to the stunning achievements that can be made with photography and whether you’re a fan of iconic motor vehicles or just of photography then you’ll find plenty to enjoy with Oefner’s latest series of work.

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