Union Motion Phaser Type 1 Electric Bike

With so many means of getting around nowadays, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd and, in our opinion at Coolector HQ, it’s electric bikes that are causing the most waves in terms of design and delivering the sorts of steeds that really stand out from the crowd. So it has proved once again with this rather awesome looking contraption that goes by the name of the Union Motion Phaser Type 1 Electric Bike – a bit of a mouthful but a spectacular looking machine nonetheless.


Founded as recently as 2015, Union Motion are well-positioned to deliver a top of the range electric bike courtesy of their experience in powertrain technology and their desire to create more and more electric vehicles for the masses because of their capacity for cleaner transport.

Electrifying Design

Most electric bikes look quite different to the motorbikes they are typically based upon but not so with the Phaser Type 1 from Motion Union. It has the same distinct aesthetic witnessed with most petrol based motorbikes. It has the chassis of a Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer as the canvas for creating such a spectacular electric bike and if you’re after one that straddles environmental consciousness with impeccable design principles, this is the one for you.



The CNC milled sheet aluminium bodywork of this supremely cool contraption makes sure things stay visually clean and minimalist. It boasts simple access to the controller and airflow over the motor and the tank has been reduced to the bare essentials which drastically improves the ergonomics and handling of this fantastic vehicle from Motion Union.

Perfect Runaround

With a range of 60 miles and a phenomenal top speed of 110MPH, there is so many features that make the Motion Union Phaser 1 Electric Bike the perfect choice for commuting or as a general runaround vehicle. It looks nothing short of superb and its specifications really set it apart in the electric bike arena.



Taking just a couple of hours to fully charge, this great looking vehicle from Motion Union is extremely versatile and positively overflowing with cool features and aesthetic excellence. For anyone looking for an electric bike that dares to be different then this is the perfect choice.

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