Fairweather Handlebar Bag

For anyone who has ever ridden a bike whilst trying not to get their duffel bag caught in the back wheels will be a problem that will be all too familiar and it’s certainly a happen-stance we’ve battled here at Coolector HQ. With that in mind, we were delighted to stumble across a fantastic looking solution that goes by the name of the Fairweather Handlebar Bag which, as the name suggests, is a bag specifically designed to sit snugly on the handlebars of your bike and not constantly endeavour to unbalance you as it teeters from your shoulder.

Fairweather are an Australian supplier of first rate biking accessories and the great looking Handlebar Bag is definitely amongst our favourites (and indeed the most functional) here at Coolector HQ and for any regular commuter who struggles to take all that they require with them on a daily basis, it will likely be seen as a godsend. The Fairweather Handlebar Bag boasts, as you would expect of an accessory attached to the front of your bike, a water-resistant zipper and fabric that will keep your bits and pieces inside dry and it also offers various detachable accessory compartments that you can pick and choose as you see fit.

Finding genuinely useful and well designed products for bicycles is always a good thing and the issue of porting various bits and pieces around without effecting how you ride your bike has always been one of the chief complaints of cyclists but the Fairweather Handlebar Bag might be the ideal remedy to this. See it in action below:





As you can see, there are a few different colour ways from which to choose from with the Fairweather Handlebar Bag and each is suitably dark so as not to be unduly worried about the mud that will surely spray up against it. We’ve long been on the lookout for a suitable carry for cycling here at The Coolector and it looks as though, courtesy of Fairweather, we can bring the curtain down on that search.

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