Building a paper out of city might not sound like an overly essential project and we were of that opinion too here at Coolector HQ before we laid eyes on Paperholm, a stunning design project from Charles Young.

Paperholm is an ever-growing city crafted from paper by Young on a daily basis and he’s already got some mightily impressive constructs in his papery homestead and we’re thoroughly impressed with the talented chap’s creativity in crafting such an eye-opening series of buildings and structures using little more than his imagination and paper.

We love design projects here at Coolector HQ and this one is certainly on a grand scale and added to regularly so it is our hope that Charles Young’s creation eventually gets so big that he has to apply for planning permission to add to it. Take a look at some of Paperholm’s best looking buildings below:








Whilst this isn’t a project that is going to change the world for a better place or anything, it certainly brought a smile to our face here at Coolector HQ. Paperholm is a fine example of the flexibility of paper when it comes to design and we’re loving all the ways in which Young has used the material to create the likes of cranes, wells, windmills and a whole host of other moving structures.

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