Family Tree Icarus Mars Box Set

Space travel and exploration is something that is alluring to us in the extreme here at Coolector HQ and we love first rate design so we were delighted when these two fondnesses were commingled in the form of this amazing Icarus Mars Box Set from Family Tree Design. Regular fixtures of the pages of The Coolector, Family Tree Design AKA Alex Pearson, have excelled themselves once again with this Icarus Mars Box Set which celebrates the forgotten space programme from the 1960s.

The Icarus Space Programme was the vision of Texan billionaire Aldus T. Vernon and began in the 1950s when he bought an aerospace company and renamed it after the Greek Legend. The Icarus Space Programme reached its peak during the American Space Race with Russia and in an attempt to cash in on America’s “space fever” the company began selling preorder tickets for trips to Mars – needless to say, none were fulfilled. This Icarus Mars Boxset from Family Tree Design celebrates the space programme that history forgot.

Sky Rockets In Flight

Best known for their awesome prints, Family Tree Design have gone one step beyond with this Mars Icarus Box Set which, as you would expect, has a top notch print but also offers plenty of other cool little accessories to complete their nod to this long since forgotten space programme. The Mars Icarus Box Set imagines everything that would have been included in the 1960s original and gives you a ticket to Mars from ICARUS SPACE TRAVEL and gift box set includes everything you’ll need for your historic journey to the Red Planet.

Family Tree Design’s Mars Icarus Box Set has all sorts of cool little design bits and pieces that add to the overall aesthetic and authenticity of it. Just a few of the stand out accessories included within this limited edition offering from Family Tree Design includes an individually numbered letterpressed gold foil ticket which, somewhat awesomely, will be customised with your name, an 18″ x 24″ screen printed Mars travel poster and a wooden model rocket of the Argo-01 – the ship that was supposed to take them to Mars in the 60s.

The good news just keeps on coming with this Mars Icarus Box Set which also boasts a navy baseball cap with embroidered mission patch and green under-visor, 1-inch hard enamel lapel pin / access badge and it all comes in a custom commemorative box to proudly display it all. For anyone with a love of Mars and old school space missions, this would definitely make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Mission To Mars

Whilst the Icarus Space Programme didn’t get people to Mars, it’s not a total bust as this fantastic design project from Family Tree Design came out of it at least. Brilliantly conceived and executed, there is an authentic vintage vibe to the designs of each of the products in the box set and you’ll find it hard not to fall for the super cool 60s aesthetic of the print and assorted accessories within the box.

Eye-catching in the extreme and supremely cool designs throughout, the Mars Icarus Box Set from Family Tree Design is definitely the sort of limited edition wares that we love here at Coolector HQ and if you know anyone similarly enthused by space travel and the Red Planet, look no further for their Christmas gift this year.

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