Playing Arts

We love a good game of cards here at Coolector headquarters but we need constant entertainment so will invariably endeavour to mix up the playing cards that we use with great regularity and find ourselves on the constant lookout for new sets with which to sate our appetite for cool playing cards.

Well, our hunt for December is now over after we discovered this exceptional project that goes by the name of Playing Arts and which is, essentially, a set of 54 playing cards, each card designed by a different artist from all over the world. There have been some pretty established artists and illustrators getting involved in Playing Arts and you can tell because the finished pack looks nothing short of extraordinary.

With names like Tang Yan Hooang, Ruben Ireland, Musketon and Tobias Van Schneider involved in offering their fine illustrative hand to the project, you’re definitely getting an impressive set of devilishly dapper cards if you get your hands on these Playing Arts cards. We love projects like this at The Coolector and, as regularly (albeit frightfully poor) card players, we appreciate them all the more.

Pre-Order: Playing Arts.

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