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It is probably pretty clear that when it comes to the T-shirts and apparel we gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ, there is a certain moto vibe to it and that’s why brands like P & Co and The Bike Shed are prevalent features on our pages. For this reason, we’re always on the lookout for moro-inspired clothing brands and we’ve just come across a bit of a belter in the shape of Go Fast, Don’t Die Apparel who boast a mighty impressive line up of tees and accessories which your wardrobe will be calling out for this summer.

With a highly appealing typography and illustration inspired aesthetic, the excellent apparel from Go Fast, Don’t Die is definitely right up our street from a visual point of view here at The Coolector and there are plenty of tees, hats and accessories to choose from. If you’re looking for some summer wardrobe additions, you’ll find plenty that fit the bill here and the effortless cool and laid back vibes of their apparel offerings makes them perfect for all your outdoor adventures over the next few months and beyond.

Road Trip Essentials

If you’re planning to hit the road this summer and need to get some new apparel for the occasion, the great looking tees from Go Fast, Don’t Die would be a top pick of ours here at The Coolector. They are a brand that represents a lifestyle of risk, hustle and the pursuit of destroyed limits. It all began as a one liner between friends and family on motorcycle runs and trips when the guys behind the brand mom would say “Go Fast, Don’t Die” instead of the usual “wear a helmet” advice.

There are plenty of different T-shirts and hats to choose from on the digital shelves of Go Fast, Don’t Die and all their apparel is for the crowd that pulls a little more from that throttle after the assessment of risk says to back it off. Their first class apparel and accessories are designed for those who look at the map and see more than where they are but where they could be tomorrow and have that spirit of adventure bubbling away within.

We love brands inspired by the motorcycling lifestyle and the desire to hit the road and Go Fast Don’t Die is for those who see the danger, see the risk and see nothing in comparison to the potential of the reward. If you’re the sort that holds dear the pursuit of the thrill, the very best of times with friends both old and new and the complete lack of a safe alternative… you found the right brand in the shape of Go Fast, Don’t Die.

Moto Mayhem

The distinct aesthetic of moto style apparel is something that we’re always on the lookout for here at Coolector HQ and the typography and illustration centric tees from Go Fast, Don’t Die are certainly the sort of things we’ll be looking to add to our wardrobe this summer.

Go Fast, Don’t Die have already got an impressive line up of apparel with more sure to be added this summer for any men looking to add some moto-inspired tees and caps to the wardrobe, you’ll not be disappointed. Great designs and affordability combine to make these a real winner in our book.

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