Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Watch

Robustness, affordability and style. These are three key traits that we want to see in all the watches we get on our wrists here at Coolector HQ and there are few that embody this holy triumvirate of characteristics than the Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Watch. This exemplary accessory from one of our favourite American watchmakers, Bertucci, has certainly left us impressed once again and for anyone seeking out an affordable, well made field watch this summer, we present to you the prime candidate.

The Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Watch keeps up the brand’s rich tradition of making some of the finest field watches on the market and this vintage style accessory is sure to resonate with those who love a military style aesthetic from their timepieces. The A-2TR Vintage™ from Bertucci takes its design inspiration from classic U.S. military watches and it boasts a period authentic dial which is complimented by their rugged U.S. Patented 40 mm solid titanium Unibody™ case that offers durability in abundance.

Finest Field Watches

Bertucci have really carved out a reputation in the watchmaking industry for delivering some of the very best field watches on the market for prices that don’t break the bank and the A-2TR GMT Vintage is no exception with it’s pleasing price tag of just $270 which, considering what you get, represents excellent value for money. Getting a watch of this considerable calibre for under $300 scarcely seems possible in this day and age and that is probably why the A-2TR is positively flying off Bertucci’s shelves.

Some of the stand out features of the Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Field Watch ($250) include a 200m water resistance, which ensures it will keep up with you during any aquatic adventures, hardened sapphire crystal glass casing, a Swiss quartz movement and an extremely lightweight design at just 2.2oz which means it sits effortlessly on the wrist and you barely notice its there. This first class timepiece has all the requisite features when it comes to delivering focused essential function – from its precision Swiss made quartz movement with LBI Low Battery Indicator to the durable screw down crown and case back.

Each one of these fantastic timepieces from Bertucci comes equipped with the watchmaker’s legendary U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody™ case which is what is responsible for its extreme durability and comfort on the wrist. It has Swiss super luminous hands and markers which makes it effortlessly readable even in low light conditions and it also comes with integrated unbreakable titanium band retention lug bars and period authentic dial with 12/24 hour markings.

Functional Design Features

The Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Watch is one of the most functional and versatile field watches from the brand to date and will be the perfect choice of timepiece for the adventurous amongst you. It comes with a solid titanium unidirectional rotating ring which can be used for measuring elapsed time: For simple quick method to measure up to 60 minutes… rotate the red triangle (the 0 minute marker) counter clockwise to align with the minute hand. As the minute hand moves as time passes, the time elapsed is shown on the outer ring minute markings where the minute hand has moved to.

Costing just $270, the Bertucci A-2TR GMT Vintage Field Watch is definitely going to be a popular choice for anyone wanting a military style watch for their wrist this summer that doesn’t cost the earth. Great design, first class materials and impressive features all come together to make this one of the finest field watches on the market for the price and you will love its no-nonsense aesthetic and adventure ready performance. We certainly do.

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