Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools

Cooking in the great outdoors is an experience that no man should go without experiencing and the end result of cooking food on an open fire in the wilderness is something that is immeasurably gratifying. At least it is if you’ve got the right tools for the job and have everything at your disposal to cook up a storm. For those who demand quality, these first rate Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools, which are funding on Kickstarter now, should be by your side on your next camping adventure.

With a rather excellent tag-line of ‘Designed for the chef. Built for the adventure,‘, the Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools are surprisingly lightweight given their robust construction and their corrosion resistant design means that you’ll be using them on all your camping adventures for years to come. Already making waves on Kickstarter, it is clear to see that there is a big market of outdoor cooking enthusiasts looking to get their hands on cooking utensils as well made as these from Concept 91.

Classy Cooking

For anyone that has tried cooking outdoors with substandard tools – such as plastic utensils that can’t stand the heat or those made from low quality materials that won’t withstand the elements – you’ll know the importance of having top quality cooking gear for the ultimate in outdoor cuisine and they don’t come much better than these Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools which are funding on Kickstarter as we speak.

We all typically use quality cooking wares when we’re making food in our own kitchen but why shouldn’t this quality be carried on when we head out into the great outdoors? This is a question that led to the creation of these Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools which take their design inspiration from origami and the fact they are so lightweight, with most pieces weighing under less than an extra CLIF bar courtesy of their ultralight titanium construction, makes them perfect for adventures into the wild.

The durability and functionality of these amazing cooking utensils is another element that sets them apart from the competition and the camping spatula and tongs within this Feastform™ set are crafted from grade 5 titanium which delivers both unparalleled strength and flexibility. So, regardless of what you’re cooking, you’ll find something within these Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools that is perfectly suited to the job.

Built To Last

All the materials chosen for these brilliant cooking tools have been carefully picked to ensure they’ll be able to withstand any outdoor adventure you take them on. This includes the robust Technora 950 handle wrap which is heat resistant and ensures an excellent grip and the corrosion resistant finish to the implements which is important because of the moisture and elements that they’re likely to encounter out in the woods.

Kickstarter is home to some awesome campaigns for fans of the great outdoors but these Feastform™ Titanium Cooking Tools are some of the best we’ve seen of late. Having already surpassed their funding target, they are definitely getting made so if you want your next outdoor cooking experience to be a much more streamlined one, head on over to Kickstarter now and pick some up for a bargain price.

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