Stranger Things Pop Up Bar

Having recently re-watched the entire first season of Stranger Things here at Coolector HQ to gear up for the impending release of the much anticipated season 2, we’re freshly enamoured with the awesomeness of the residents of Hawkins and find ourselves scouring the web for things pertaining to the series. Well, we’ve not been left disappointed having stumbled across this Stranger Things Pop Up Bar which, quite frankly, is a must visit for any fan of the wonderfully nostalgic show.

The Stranger Things Pop Up Bar can be found in a few locations across Chicago including Logan Square and if you’re hankering for a spot of brilliant Stranger Things-esque fun in the run up to the new season, this is definitely the place to do it. As it’s a pop up, it’s stay will be all too fleeting but you can enjoy Stranger Things themed cocktails right through to the end of September but, given the popularity of the show, we dare say it will be standing room only.

The Upside Down

Stranger Things was such a visually impactful show with so many great moments that it must have been pretty easy to think of ideas of how to decorate this first class pop up bar and, from what we can see, they’ve done a pretty bang up job. From Joyce Byers hastily erected Christmas light alphabet through to fencing from the Hawkins National Laboratory, there will be all sorts of little nods to the show to be enjoyed whilst your imbibing some delicious sounding cocktails.

Fans of the show, and indeed cocktails, will be in their element with this Stranger Things Pop Up Bar in Chicago and it is chock full of unusual items which pay homage to the already iconic TV show about the unusual goings on in Hawkins, Indiana and the posse of Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club kids who rescued their friend and town from the nefarious work of the Hawkins National Laboratory and the evil demogorgon.

With some great sounding cocktails to choose from including Eleven’s Eggos, Mouthbreather and Coffee & Contemplation, you won’t be short of imbibing options at this Stranger Things Pop Up Bar. We can’t wait for the new series to start here at The Coolector but this certainly seems like a pretty excellent means of filling the time until then.

Eye-Catching Artwork

You will be surrounded by some great artwork and installations at this amazing and expertly conceived pop up bar in Chicago and even if you’re not a huge fan of the Stranger Things show (which would be weird) the chances are you’ll just enjoy the excellent ambience of the bar nonetheless.

We love Stranger Things at The Coolector and whilst, lamentably, a pilgrimage to Chicago to take in this cracking pop up bar doesn’t look to be on the cards, we do have our fingers well and truly crossed that someone across the pond will pick up this idea and make one a little closer to our own backyard.

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