Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tents

If you’re heading into the wild in search of adventure but don’t like the thought of a floor dwelling tent and want to take the higher ground whilst sleeping, these awesome looking Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tents would be the ideal choice in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. The Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tent is the highest quality roof top living which has carefully designed to be used in New Zealand, the home of the brand and some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.

The Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tents lets you experience wild country, the way it should be seen and a supremely comfortable space to kick back after a day of trekking and road-tripping. When camping, comfort and versatility is key and that’s exactly what you’re getting with the two-man roof tents from Feldon Shelter so if you’ve got a road trip planned in the coming months and want a top class residence in tow, you’ll not go too far wrong here.

Top Notch Shelter

When you’re thinking of adventure ready goods, you need to ensure that they’re made in the right way and with considerable quality and these brilliant looking two-man roof tents from Feldon Shelter are some of the best we’ve seen with a real aesthetic impact that’s impossible to ignore. Excellent design coupled with first class materials combine to ensure you’re getting an outdoor accessory that’s definitely not going to let you down and will be right there for any road-trip or camping adventure that you have planned over the coming months.

The Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tents have a visual impact that adds to their appeal still further but it is their versatility and functional performance that are the most important features of these superb offerings. Adventure will be all the more enjoyable with these brilliant tents that have been carefully designed to make sure they can stand up to any to any weather conditions that you’re likely to encounter and any terrains you’re looking to tackle.

With no poles required for basic setup, the Crow’s Nest two man roof top tent from Feldon Shelter is up in less time than it takes to boil the kettle so it’s not going to hold you up if you see a spot you want to set up camp. Made using the finest, most robust and durable materials, these cracking constructions have got everything that you’re going to need for any outdoors adventures and there are a number of different configurations to choose from to suit your own particular camping requirements.

Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

Roadtripping is something that appeals immeasurably to us here at Coolector HQ and these type of experiences are invariably improved exponentially by the quality of accessories you have in tow and these Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tents are the ideal solution for all your camping needs when you hit the road. Durable and well thought out in terms of design, these shelters are certainly amongst the coolest we’ve encountered and Feldon Shelter are a brand we’re going to be keeping our beady eye on from now on here at Coolector HQ.

For any regular roadtripper or camping enthusiast looking for a new means of sleeping in style whilst out and about, the Feldon Shelter Roof Top Tent is going to tick plenty of the right boxes. Expertly designed and crafted and truly built for the adventurous in spirit, there is a lot to be impressed with here.

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