Vanderhall Venice Speedster

Cars are something that most men either love or hate and if you find yourself in the former camp and want something that bit different for your road adventures, the Vanderhall Venice Speedster might just be the thing for you and, somewhat pleasingly given its eye-catching aesthetics, it doesn’t cost the earth. Available for pre-order now with a $1k deposit and a final price of just $27k, this stunning steed is going to turn heads aplenty when you climb aboard and go for a pootle about in it.

The Vanderhall Venice Speedster will be made in mighty limited numbers and deliveries for this majestic looking ride will begin in the fourth quarter 2018. The Venice Speedster is an individualized semblance of vehicles of yesteryear. A simplification of the Venice that allows for extended solo touring while boasting stunning, sleek and refined styling that really will make it one of the coolest vehicles in yours, or any, garage.

Take You For A Ride

Everywhere you look with the Vanderhall Venice Speedster you’ll discover great little design features and a fine attention to detail which all combine to make this an extraordinary machine that will be a real pleasure to drive. Starting with the silver vintage metallic body colour which gives it such a visual impact and is joined by the Saxony Brown upholstery which is just about as dapper as it gets, the Venice Speedster will tough to top in the aesthetics department.

The Venice Speedster from Vanderhall boasts a low profile windshield which ensures you always feel at one with the open road and an enlarged rear deck contour that gives it a stand out look and feel. This cracking contraption has a Tonneau cover and a 6 Speed Auto Transmission for a mighty impressive performance when you put your foot down. Inside the cockpit, the vintage steering wheel and dash gives it a real retro vibe that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector.

With neat little luxury features such as heated seats to be found within the Vanderhall Venice Speedster, this will be the steed that you want to take out of the garage whenever you’re heading out on leisure road trips or want to turn a head or two. This first class construction doesn’t cost the earth but delivers a visual impact quite unlike anything else out there and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, it’s a good idea to get your pre-order in now because they’re certainly not going to hang around on the shelves for long.

Three Wheels Good

This three wheeler has all the makings of an automotive classic and if you love the feeling of being close to the asphalt and at one with the road, you’ll get exactly that when you climb into the Vanderhall Venice Speedster and head out in search of adventure. This majestic beast is affordable, infinitely cool and has a fine array of features which belie its price tag so there really is nothing not to like about this stunning ride.

The Vanderhall Venice Speedster is the sort of ride that an extrovert is definitely going to appreciate and if you’ve been looking for an unusual machine to add to your collection, you’ve find it with this corking contraption. Sleek, elegant and rides like a dream, don’t delay if you want one of these awesome looking machines in your garage later this year.

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