Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle

Every now and then you stumble across a piece of design that stops you in your tracks and that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in here at Coolector HQ with the stunning Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle. This breathtaking contraption is a six wheeled off-road advanced vehicle that is unbound by the traditional nexus between the wheels, drivetrain and chassis – which delivers exceptional capabilities for even the most extreme of terrains.

The Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle truly is a sight to behold and quite unlike any machine you’re likely to have encountered before. This stunning off-roader capitalises upon Ferox technology, to push the boundaries of vehicle design and brings future envisaged transport to life in quite extraordinary style. When you first lay eyes on the Azaris, you’ll soon see there is nothing else quite like it in the world.

Born For Adventure

One of the stand out features of the Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle is the fact that it has an in-wheel motor that provides a more liberated sense of movement. It is a light, quiet and highly efficient motor that ensures this machine delivers a breathtakingly robust performance. The unique “rocker” suspension is responsible for the machine’s expert off-roading capabilities and guarantees that you will be able to navigate even the most unruly and uncompromising of terrains with ease.

The Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle has so called “DNA Arms” which has a design which is inspired by flowing water and the double helix to provide Azaris with a unique structure to hold the rocker suspension. The DNA arms structure is durable, light, adaptable and will get even more functional with 3D printing advancements in the future. Azaris can be configured with a combustion engine or an electric motor linked to a fluid pump to drive the in-wheel motors so it offers a mighty versatile perforce that is sure to appeal. 

This stunning creation is overflowing with futuristic features and this includes a coaxial system in which high pressure pipes are encased by low pressure pipes for increased safety, cooling, and fluid control efficiency. The Ferox coaxial system opens up new possibilities to 3D print the fluid channels within a vehicle structure. As you can see there are plenty of ways in which this will become a ride of the future and it is preparing for it now with many innovative design features.

Futuristic Performance

It is clear to see that the Ferox Azaris is very much designed with the future in mind and though they have a working prototype, don’t expect to see it commercially available right away. It is an example of what is possible when you liberate the wheel with highly innovative and impressive Ferox Technology. It boasts new advanced capabilities that will enhance our ability to traverse land with strong, flexible, primal, and extremely swift vehicles.

The scope of uses for this machine is nigh-on limitless and the Azaris takes us beyond roads to extreme terrain, rural landscapes, and tactical environments and does so effortlessly such is the quality of the design and materials used in its crafting. Azaris is an opportunity to redefine the exploration vehicles of the future.

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