Few & Far Collective Autumn 2015

Finding apparel brands that you like is a pretty gratifying experience because, chances are, whenever they’ve a new collection ready to hit the shelves, you’re going to find plenty of pieces that you like and so it has proven with one of our favourite brands, Few & Far Collective, and their superb collection of apparel for Autumn 2015.

Few & Far Collective are an Australian apparel purveyor and the quality of their wares really does speak for itself and if, like us, you’re fans of the printed tee, you’re also going to love their latest collection for Autumn 2015 which is chock full of awesomeness that is right up our street. The collection is called ‘Make Your Own Luck’ and features charms like clovers and horse shoes heavily in the designs on the T-shirts and other bits of apparel and you can check out why we’ve fallen for their most recent series of apparel below:















As you can see, there are plenty of striking, luck-based designed to be enjoyed from Few & Far Collective and if you’re in the market for some ace looking apparel this Autumn, you really need look no further. We’re not going to lie, this is exactly the sort of apparel that we favour here at Coolector HQ but we dare say that there will be plenty of other chaps wanting to get their hands on this excellent looking apparel over the next few months.

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