Fireside Audiobox

Let’s face it, most of us don’t demand too much from the devices we choose to play our music as long as the sound quality is good but for those who want an impressive visual element to their musical enjoyment, turning your attention to this awesome Kickstarter project called the Fireside Audiobox seems like a good idea.

The Fireside Audiobox is billed as a beautifully crafted Bluetooth-enabled audio player with flames that respond to your music so, regardless of the tunes you’re busting out, you’ll be treating to a visual representation of them via the set-top flames. Each one of these glorious looking musical devices is handcrafted and boasts a highly impressive design that will see it stand out from the crowd from a visual perspective.

Striking, stylish and technologically superior, the Fireside Audiobox is lightweight and has around 8 hours of propane duration to keep those flames dancing. Check out a few more shots below:




We’re all for cool pieces of design here at Coolector HQ and Kickstarter is a great place to find exactly that and so it has proven once again with the super cool Fireside Audiobox. If you’re after something a little different in the music listening department, it’s fair to say that this cracking design should tick plenty of the right boxes.

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