Swayy Insulated Hammocks

Needless to say, most of us will do the majority of our camping in the summer months and when heading into the wild, we inevitably want to be as comfortable as possible. There are few things more relaxing in a hammock when you’re camping but when the temperatures dip in the evening, it can get a bit chilly – not so with these awesome looking Swayy Insulated Hammocks which are a bit of a game-changer so far as comfortable camping is concerned.

The Swayy Insulated Hammock cost either $299 or $499 and will make sure that you can laze in your hammock in unparalleled comfort all throughout the day and night and they offer considerable comfort, warmth and security wherever your outdoor adventures take you this summer and fall. Swayy began back in late 2013 in Tennessee when Seth Hill and his buddies went hammock camping and decided to come with a solution to what he coined CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome) and, with that, this awesome brand was born and they’ve gone from strength to strength since then.

Camping Comfort Off The Charts

The minute you climb into a Swayy Insulated Hammock on a chilly camping trip you’ll know you’ve made the right choice in investing in one. They use their patent pending “LOFT” technology to hang insulation lower than your bum to help ensure you stay warm in the great outdoors. LOFT Technology basically refers to the ability of insulation to trap air between the fibers (synthetic insulation) or feather dander (down). This is important because it allows for the trapped air pockets to be warmed up.

For the synthetic insulation on the excellent looking and performing Swayy Insulated Hammocks ($299-$499), this is achieved by allowing the insulation to hang separately without compression below your backside. For their down insulation, it is the same idea but a different insulation type. They use three main layers of material with the 1st holding your weight, the 2nd insulating you and the 3rd blocking the wind – they all combine to offer the most comfortable means of relaxing in nature.

There are two styles of insulated hammock to choose from with Swayy – the Premus and the Eira – and they both deliver an unparalleled performance in the great outdoors. Being the more expensive of the two at $499, the Eira comes with a few extra features which includes 800FP insulation, a ridge line and a rain-fly. The Premus, at $299, is just as accomplished but has a slightly lower insulation rating.

Feeling Good, Doing Good

Whilst the main objective of Swayy Insulated Hammocks is to ensure you don’t succumb to Cold Butt Syndrome on your camping trips, they are also doing good in the wider world as well which is certainly something to be applauded. They give a percentage of the money they make each year to help build jungle schools and chapels in Papua, Indonesia to those who don’t have the same opportunities we have today and that is another reason we’re a big fan of the first class camping brand here at Coolector HQ.

If you’ve still got camping trips planned for the rest of summer and fall and want to make it a comfortable trip to remember, having one of these Swayy Insulated Hammocks is definitely a good place to start. Offering exceptional warmth even on the chilliest of summer evenings, these brilliant hammocks are wonderfully robust and well made and won’t break the bank. They will become a go-to item you reach for when heading on camping adventures for many years to come. Two thumbs up from us here at The Coolector.

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